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Our crypto widgets and integrations let you integrate your Business with NFTs and Crypto with ease. Accept crypto payments, issue NFTs and reward coins to your customers, let them redeem the coins at your or your partner sites through easy to use self custody wallets, and more.



Accept Crypto Payments, Donations. We support a wide array of coins, wallets and networks. Hold in Crypto, or Convert to Fiat Daily

Micro Payments

Support Micro Payments, Pay-as-you-go usecases and unlock the true power of Crypto. Fees as low as 0.001 USD per transaction


Mint and issue NFTs to your customers. Award exclusive access and rewards to hodlers. Build the next bored apes yacht club

NFT Giftcards

Heard of NFT Giftcards? Issue your gift cards as NFTs. Finally, a gift that your customers can flaunt in their social media profiles

Reward Tokens

Issue your own Crypto Reward Tokens. Or use Fleato coins. Redeem for benefits, merchandise.


Break down the barriers to Crypto Adoption. Offer White Labeled Crypto Currency Wallets for your Customers.

Delivery vs. Payment Smart Contracts

Physical Delivery vs. Crypto Payment through use of Smartcontract based Escrow and Settlement


Allow your customers to swap your Crypto rewards to other tokens / coins of their choice. Give them the freedom to choose.


Build decentalized organizations. Smart contract based membership, voting, royalty splits and more.


Allow your customers to stake their rewards. Make them true stakeholders and not mere observers.

Web3 Marketplace

Whitelabled market place that accepts Crypto, Fiat and Credit cards. Seamless Buyer and Seller Onboarding

Token Design

Let us help design your Reward / Utility Token, distribution strategy, air drops and/or social give aways

POS Integration

Integrate Crypto Rewards to your POS systems. Award coins everytime customers swipe at your store or on your website.


Payout crypto rewards to your customers on a daily / monthly basis. Give the gift that keeps growing.

Monitoring & Reporting

Let us monitor your crypto wallets. Setup easy reporting of all your crypto wallets and transactions.


Setup your NFTs Royalties, sales commissions on all future sales, split payments all backed by Smart Contracts

Crypto / Fiat On Ramp

Onramp your customers through FIAT Payments. Integrate with our Partner SilaMoney for ACH Payments


Have a Crazy Crypto / Defi Idea? Dont know where to start? Let us help prototype and test it in days.

Hey Crypto, We have a Problem

Fleato Labs aims to enable Organizations implement DeFi solutions that use Blockchain to enable innovative commerce models in Physical and Virtual Spaces.

We offer fully hosted white label solutions that can get you off the ground in days.

We practice what we preach. You get the same great features that is offered at our consumer marketplace www.fleato.com

We are a strong founding team with proven experience in blockchain technologies and finance with a passion to create DeFI commerce solutions. ​

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    - “Pay to Play” setup (mining, staking) keeps regular folks from entering the eco-system

    - Rewards the wrong participants (miners, stakers) instead of users/customers, which is worse than current FIAT setup.

  • 2


    - Crypto is primarily identified as a volatile asset primarily used for speculative investment

    - Not “regular folks” friendly

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    - An evolving regulatory and tax environment makes it difficult to predict the Adoption (and ROI) Curve​

    - Increases go to market complexity for a new entrant​​

    - “Privacy & Control” over “Regulation & Ease of Use” mindset is hampering mass adoption​

    - Infrastructure bill has onerous reporting requirements taking effect from January 2024​​

DeFi enables us to bring revolutionary concepts to ecommerce.

DeFi brings revolutionary concepts to eCommerce such as Community Ownership using DAO (De-Centralized Autonomous Organization), Staking, Automated Settlements, Micro Payments, and Provenance.

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Fleato Labs
Fleato Labs
Fleato Labs
Fleato Labs

Enabling Web3 commerce

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